One Moment.
One Heart.
One Eternity Changed.

You are making a difference

It takes one moment with Jesus to change heart for eternity in Heaven. Globally, people all around the world are seeking the truth of the gospel. You’re donation today allows you to make a global impact of sharing the gospel one heart at a time.

How do we share the gospel?

  1. An individual sees our ad on an online platform (FB, Insta, etc).
  2. They offer their email to hear someone’s testimony
  3. A form comes up allowing them to ask us to contact them by clicking, “I want to accept Jesus for the first time today. Contact me”
  4. Our experienced team contacts them and shares the gospel (Romans 6:23) and then says the sinners prayer with them.


We are all about a heart to heart connection and we believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. If somoene already know’s Jesus and wants to rededicate their lives, wants to be encouraged, or aren’t ready yet to accept Jesus, we are here for them. We want them to be part of our community in the waiting and share the good news that changed our eternity.

Then, what?

We connect them to a weekly Life Gathering thorugh a video call. This weekly Gathering is a time to praise Jesus through Bible study, songs & prayer.

This is also a chance for somone to develop their relationship with Jesus & give themselves to Him. We are also starting a Discipleship School to help give new Christians the key fundamentals they need and get them connected to their local body of Christ!