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GPS – God’s Planning System

My husband and I got stuck in the snow in the middle of nowhere. Our tires kept spinning, We were low on gas, and had no supplies to stay alive. I remember the fear settling in because it was cold and getting dark. My phone was almost dying. I had just enough power to try to locate ourselves on my GPS and call for a tow.

Here is the thing when you are in the middle of nowhere the GPS doesn’t work. So, I quickly opened the compass app on my phone and figured out my longitude and latitude. Then I called the tow company and gave them my coordinates. I then proceeded to wait for three hours.
After this happened, I thought about how heavily I relied on my GPS. How much I wished there was a GPS system for my relationship with God. I mean sign me up for the God’s Planning System (GPS). I promise, I could follow those directions correctly.

This is what I have learned about God is that He wants us to have free will. He wants us to choose Him. Sometimes we don’t get to see what’s ahead because He is working on the unseen details. Sometimes, I have to wait for help. Sometimes, I just have to take one step at a time. Left foot, right foot, left foot, and then right foot.

If you’re wondering what happened we were eventually rescued! My husband started a fire in the middle of the road to keep us warm and so people could see us. The tow truck driver was having trouble locating us but when he saw the fire he kept driving! Praise God for the quick thinking of my husband and a tow truck driver who was willing to help!

So, wherever you are located on your journey I want you to know that God sees you. He has your coordinates. You are not lost to Him. If you need encouragement please reach out to Purpose Founder. We are here to help you read your GPS!

May His face shine upon you. Give you peace, love, and joy. Let me know how I can be praying for you.


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