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It wasn't my fault... but it changed my entire life.

My name is Aurella, and I’d love to share my story of finding freedom and hope with you. If it’s possible for me, I believe it’s possible for you!


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Many nations around the globe have remained untouched by the transformative message of the gospel. However, the increasing availability of the internet and the generosity of donors and volunteers erase these barriers, creating opportunities for more people to encounter the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Purpose Founder continues to reach people in over 90 countries, including nations where the gospel message is limited or strictly prohibited. People of all faiths and backgrounds are turning to Jesus. 

Because of you, all services are free of charge to anyone in need. A gift of $25.00 per month provides the essential resources to introduce The Gospel to one person and support them as they embark on their transformative journey with Christ.

Please consider partnering by volunteering or donating so that we can continue to share the love of Jesus and help others BE FOUND IN HIM. 


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