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Connecting Lives to Faith


urpose Founder is dedicated to nurturing salvation, discipleship, and outreach to enrich lives within His Kingdom, embracing both the newly faithful and those seeking purpose.

  • We commit to making disciples of Jesus by fostering deep connections with Him and among believers, ensuring a supportive community for spiritual growth.
  • Our foundation thrives on the generous support of our community, allowing us to offer an inclusive haven for believers at all stages of their faith journey.
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Vision 2026: A Thousand Lives and Beyond


Expanding Reach, Saving Thousands

Our steadfast vision is to embark on a mission of hope and urgency, aiming to save 2,000 lives by 2023 and exponentially increasing this number to over 5,000 by 2026. With the power of community and technology, we host a weekly Life Gathering Video call, uniting people globally in a shared purpose. Anticipating the growth of our international family, we are excited to introduce a third Life Gathering by 2024, ensuring we accommodate our audience across various time zones.


Meet the Hearts Behind Our Mission

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Brittany W

Sr. Coordinator of Ministry Operations

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Ted H

Executive Managing Director

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Ada M

Discipleship Coordinator


The Purpose Founder’s Witness

Immerse yourself in the testimonies shared by Purpose Founder, illustrating the transformative power of the gospel. Discover the life-altering impact of Jesus’ teachings and find out how embracing faith can lead to personal revolution. Our weekly Life Gathering video calls are a sanctuary for community, praise, and worship, where we unite to delve into Bible study, uplift through song, and connect through prayer. Join us in this journey of faith and works, inspired by the promise of John 14:12, as we follow the path laid out by Jesus towards greater deeds in His name.


Do You Need a Prayer?

Connect with our prayerful community that’s committed to uplifting each other; submit your request and let us join you in seeking hope and comfort through prayer.

Join Our Movement of Generosity and Service

Your support plays a vital role in spreading hope and salvation across the globe. Whether through a financial gift or volunteering your time, each contribution empowers us to share transformative testimonies, connect believers in our Life Gatherings, and extend our outreach further. Your generosity enables us to touch more lives, while volunteering offers a personal way to make a meaningful impact. Together, every donation and every hour volunteered moves us closer to our vision of saving souls and making disciples for Jesus.

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Submit your request and let us join you in seeking hope and comfort through prayer.